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We're a furniture manufacturing company with 30 years history based in Changzhou, nearly 100 miles away from Shanghai. We serve our clients with eco-friendly and quality products and
services. Our major products extend from standard home series, commercial series (including office use and hotel use), and school series, to customized wholesale series, which basically guarantees our premium clients to materialize their design and creativity. Besides, we manage another business line focusing on rehabilitation medical equipment.
We value our clients through premium quality, environmentally-friendly products, and respect on intellectual property rights. We invested in cutting-edge manufacturing and assembly lines, and trained our people efficiently to promise our clients get cost-effective while high quality products. Moreover, we strictly monitor our suppliers and manufacturing process to be energy-saving and toxic-free. Last but not least, we stick to protecting our clients’ intellectual property and don’t sell clients’ customized products or OEM products without clients’ permission.
We have more than ten years of exporting to the U.S., Japan, and European countries. We have recently expanded our overseas business to more countries and regions including South America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. We aim to ZERO complaint from our clients, domestic and overseas. Our efforts help us earn a lot of honor including "Famous Quality Product in Jiangsu Market", “Changzhou Star Enterprise”, and “Chinese product Expo, Gold Award” etc. In addition, we are an ISO9001:2000 certified enterprise that has actively engaged in social welfare undertakings.
For more information and hot sales, please contact us through phone or Email.
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